5 Essential Tools to Create, Record, and Sell Your Online Course

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Being an entrepreneur might be overwhelming sometimes, but benefits are genuinely worthwhile. So, I would suggest you not lose your heart unless you hit your targets. Meanwhile, creating and selling an online course requires a lot of effort, but some success-defining factors still exist.


Given that, I will put together five essential tools to create, record, and sell your online courses. I am sure that you will successfully meet your targets if you comply with the given plan from creating the course to its online selling. So, let’s get started.

Zoom for Recording and Screen Share

You might be well aware that zoom is used to conduct webinars and meetings, but do you know this application is widely used for recording your screen and audio? Currently, around 300 million people use the zoom application for conferences, webinars, and recording their videos. 


For that reason, you only need to have a microphone and Zoom Meetings Client. To get started with it, open the Zoom application and click on the button to start with the video. If you only want to record your voice for some piece of instructions, you can click on the button of start without video. 



Once after joining the meeting as a participant, you may click on the ‘share screen’ to share it with other meeting participants. To make your desktop screen visible to others, go into the window that appears there on the screen and select the option of ‘Desktop’ to make it visible for all participants. Likewise, you can choose a specified display or application to be captured and shared with other participants. 


Here and now, you are all set to record your video! At the top of the screen, there will be a green area. Move the cursor on that area where your meeting’s ID is visible, and you will see a menu over there. In the Menu, Click on ‘More,’ and then either record on the cloud or your computer. 


Using this application, you can record your lectures for online courses or deliver a live class.

Canva to Create Slides and Content

Having the content of your online course designed by someone might cost you $500 to $2500, depending upon the quantity and time required. However, if you are willing to invest your own time designing your content, Canva makes it very simple and impressive. 


Around 30 million people from all over the world use Canva for content creation. The free version of this software is available, and it is equally helpful when it comes to designing content and making slides for your online course. 


It offers a diverse range of layout suggestions and various fonts that can help you create an attractive design for your course. 


Let me relate how you can create an appealing presentation for your audience using Canva: 

  1. Install Canva, and log-in with your Name and Email. 
  2. Search for the professional presentation templates. 
  3. Customize pre-existing designs according to you. 
  4. Make your presentation stand out using a massive range of font sizes, colours, images, and layouts. 
  5. Present your presentation with a flair.

Using Canva does not require a high level of expertise, so I would recommend creating content and preparing slides using Canva instead of hiring someone else against a considerable amount.

Kajabi To Host, Take Payments, Set Automation, and Marketing

Kajabi is a platform that allows you to design, market, and sell your course simultaneously. After recording your lectures and creating slides, the next step belongs to host and market your course. 

There are around 33 million students who use Kajabi, and some of them might be interested in your course. You only need to take the membership of Kajabi, upload your course there, and start its marketing using the same platform. 

What’s more, Kajabi offers automated marketing of your course through email outreach. You only need to add the list of emails, and the rest of the work is done by Kajabi. 

If someone is interested in buying your course, Kajabi makes the payment method smooth for both buyer and seller. For now, there are two payment gateways: PayPal and Stripe. 

Well! I wouldn’t say that you should only rely on Kajabi to prompt your courses’ selling, but instead, you also need to move to other platforms that are advisable.

Trello For Project Management

Trello is a fantastic platform that helps you move your work forward with the proper planning necessary to make your project successful. To manage workflow, Trello offers you fully integrated and developed templates to perform effective project management.


Until now, 50 million people have joined Trello to manage the smooth workflow of their projects. Especially if you have a team to work with you to create and promote your online course, Trello can offer exceptional services like division of tasks to each team member. 


Let me tell you how Trello functions for you: 

  • Set up your project board on Trello along with task cards. 
  • Assign each task card to a relevant team member.
  • Move the cards on the Trello board once after the completion of tasks. 
  • Close the project after all cards are moved on the Trello board. 


Keep these Trello board templates for your future projects.

Facebook Group to Grow and Nurture Your Audience (Ready to Sell Your Course)

Facebook is the most significant social media platform with the most exceeded audience of 2.6 billion. Also, around $86 Billion in revenue is collected by selling products through Facebook. 


And I must say that Facebook could be valuable monetarily, and you can make a Facebook group to attract your targeted audience. Once you have a considerable number of people who want to listen to you, it will be easy to convince them to buy your course. 


Above and beyond, you can join other groups based on your niche and publicize your course contents over there to gain the attention of people and generate leads. 



It may seem exhausting to record, create, and then sell your online courses. Nonetheless, the reality is not that hard, and I have added five essential tools that can help you design, market, automate, and sell your courses online to make this journey easy and free of monotonous. 

Although the process is time-consuming, the results are truly worth it. 

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